IATA (International Air Transport Association) is a trade association of the world’s airlines. Founded in 1945, its members are considered all the world’s airlines that carry out fixed scheduled flights. According to its regulations, IATA operates the air space and all international travel agencies worldwide (airports, flights, ticketing, etc.)
It has developed training programs for future and already working employees in the aviation and tourism industry with internationally recognized degrees.

IATA Diplomas are recognized worldwide and don’t have to be validated by any governmental or private authority.

Yes. All the instruction manuals of IATA for all study programs are printed in English. The adequate knowledge must be “Lower Diploma’’ level. The vocabulary of the curricula is simple and it is repeated by our instructors.

The examinations for IATA’s diplomas are carried out via the internet.

On a specially designed platform, you enter your codes, connect with your supervisor and pass your exams. This new way of testing ensures quality and gives new impetus to those who live outside Athens. Finally, it should be noted that at the end of the training you learn your results.

The height limitations for women adopted by many airlines are between 1.57m and 1.87m and for men between 1.60m and 1.90m. Concerning the weight limitations, they must be in analogy with the height, and the general outlook must be congruous.

The Air travel’s language is English. Every additional language knowledge is an advantage of the candidate.

The Attestation of Safety Training is a diploma approved by the Hellenic Civil Aviation Authority and the European Aviation Safety Agency. With this degree, you prove that you have completed the basic training of flight attendant and you have the license to fly. It is valid throughout Europe and is also accepted by any company.

We suggest combining it with the ground handling diplomas IATA FOUNDATION DIPLOMA  or  IATA AIRPORT OPERATIOS DIPLOMA. So you can have a more competitive CV and it will be easier for you to be employed by an Airline if for some reason you don’t want to fly anymore.

The management training program of Harvard Manage Mentor (HMM) gives you access to the e-learning program HMM.

The training material is compiled from 44 rich contented units which are provided by the Harvard Business School Publishing, a university which includes among its graduates the most influential business leaders in the world.

The program covers a full spectrum of the basic issues of management, administration and business organization adequate to reinforce your skills in the main challenges which you will face in your work environment,  offering at the same time professional development.