Mega Airlines Studies, listening to the pulse of developments, has created an e-education system, based entirely on the increasing different requirements and needs of candidates for prestigious and valued degrees.

In recent years, the spread of the use of digital technologies has multiplied the education opportunities offered to citizens of all ages. Especially in the aviation and tourism industry, where their borders are increasingly expanding, the need for continuous education and specialization is now imperative.

For these reasons, for the convenience of our students living outside Attica, through a modern, pleasant and utilitarian platform of e-learning, specially designed to offer all the benefits of interpersonal teaching, our educational center can and leads its students in obtaining IATA degrees.

Specifically, the monitoring e-learning programs are ideal for people living in cities outside Athens or on remote islands, parents with difficulty finding time to attend, people with difficulty moving or with special needs, employees who cannot attend our facilities and prefer to attend their lessons through the innovative video conference system of our educational center.

The training is exclusively via the internet and is based on specific training materials provided to our trainees by the International Air Transport Association – IATA. Thus shaping the new era of Education, interactive learning between instructor and trainee, through our e-learning program, our students complete their senior studies, having now the opportunity to manage their learning to fit their schedule and study at their own pace.

E-learning courses via Skype:

  2. IATA Aviation Cabin Crew Diploma
  3. IATA Foundation TRAVEL AND TOURISM Diploma
  4. IATA Consultant Diploma (LEVEL2)
  5. IATA Airport Operations Diploma
  6. IATA Ramp Services Diploma
  7. IATA Cargo Diploma
  8. Harvard LEADERSHIP MANAGEMENT DIPLOMA, making joint enrollment in one of the above diplomas.

Now to study the profession you want is simple, without distance can stand in the way of your dreams.