IATA Training 2023 - Air Transport of Dangerous Goods

Dangerous Goods Initial / Recurrent


ICAO has introduced at its directives a new training method with effective date from 1 January 2023. Τhe training has been greatly modified with new regulations and assessment according to the competency-based approach, called CBT (Competency Based Training).

In order the regulations for the transport of dangerous goods by air, applied successfully and for the intended objectives to be achieved, it is utmost importance that all persons concerned are aware of the risks inherent in this type of transport and that they have acquired a perfect understanding of Regulations. This can only be achieved by designing and maintaining appropriate initial and refresher training programmes for all those involved in the transport of dangerous goods.

To provide training under the new CBTA programme requires to have IATA certification. Mega Airlines Studies with its experience as an IATA approved dangerous goods center since 2012 has developed training programmes based on the new methodology and has been certified by IATA as CBTA provider.

This accreditation guarantees that our training and assessments meet the requirements imposed by IATA and ICAO.


Below the training programs we offer, all accredited and certified by IATA.

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