The specialized training of cabin crew is the top priority for airlines around the world. Studying at MEGA AIRLINES STUDIES you get the IATA Aviation Cabin Crew Diploma, a degree that is recognized worldwide, so as to be well prepared to work in all airlines in Greece and abroad.

The program of the course is applied from IATA and consists of the following:

  • Usage of the aircraft’s life-saving appliances
  • Cabin Crew procedures
  • Passenger Service
  • Participants’ training before they apply for work to the airlines


Course Syllabus

The course material of the IATA Aviation Cabin Crew consists of 14 modules. Every module foresees study-checks for our students’ best preparation for the final IATA exam.

  • Introduction to flight attendants’ profession
  • Starting your career
  • The outward appearance of cabin crew
  • Way of life
  • Aircraft stimulation
  • Communication and cooperation principles with the fellow crew members
  • , charter and scheduled flights
  • First aids
  • Emergency procedures
  • Dangerous goods
  • Passenger service and medical emergencies
  • Safety and protection
  • Airline catering and service

Acquire the IATA Aviation Cabin Crew Diploma and EASA Attestation of Safety Training, which can be obtained by the participants of Mega Airlines Studies, and fly all over the world! If you want to work  on ground handling combine IATA FOUNDATION DIPLOMA (Level 1) with IATA AVIATION CABIN CREW DIPLOMA  and  EASA  Attestation of Safety Training and ensure your career in aviation!

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