Our mission is to provide international, top level studies for the aviation, airline, tourism and cargo industry.

Our purpose is to educate, certify and prepare a new generation of professionals according to the international standards, while constantly building relationships with the market.


Message from the President


Tourism is this country’s heavy industry. Today, more than 2.5 million people are working within this fast growing industry.


As an Alitalia manager for 35 consecutive years and as president of the Aviation and Tourism Federation, I deeply understand the evaluation process and the knowledges required for a candidate to work within the airline industry.


I felt the need to establish a top school for the aviation and tourism industry, since the existing educational structures are unable to keep up with the industry’s fast and demanding trends. Future professionals require excellent training, expertise and in depth knowledge regarding new technologies to build their careers in this industry.


Our collaboration with IATA, enables us to certify the studies provided by MEGA AIRLINES STUDIES and expand all horizons for our students in order for them to work all over the world.



George Galitis