We aim to provide the aviation and tourism industry with internationally recognized high-level studies.

In 1999, our chairman Mr. George Galitis, the executive of Alitalia and the chairman of the Air Transport and Tourism Federation, founded Mega Airlines Studies in Athens to train properly, certify and acquire knowledge and experience all young people, who following IATA’s international standards taught in our educational center, become the modern professionals of our time. Also, George Galitis, for decades now, has been continuously fostering his contacts with the labor market for the benefit of our graduates, making Mega Airlines Studies the first selection of flight attendants and employees in the air transport, tourism, hospitality and freight industry.

Today, the second generation of our educational center, with Katerina Galiti continuing dynamically, offers high-level studies that meet modern market’s requirements and technological developments.


«Tourism today is the heavy industry in our country. The pandemic caused by the spread of COVID-19 continues to affect both the global and domestic economy. But tourism and transport sectors, especially in Greece, have shown that they can regenerate from their ashes. Even in this turbulent landscape the desire of young people, who are still studying to enter the air transport area, means something important. For us this is the message that the glamour and prestige of these professions have not been lost.

More than 2.5 million people are currently employed in this growing sector. As a 35-years executive in Alitalia, chairman of the Air Transport and Tourism Federation and above all as a teacher, I am fully aware of the process of evaluating the skills required to complete a job application in the tourism sector. I, therefore, felt the need to create a pilot training center for the aviation and tourism industry as the existing training structures are unable to respond to the new era and developments in this field. Excellent training, expertise and seamless application of new technologies are required to enable the future professional to find work worldwide. Thanks to our cooperation and accreditation by the globally recognized IATA and the European organization EASA, we can certify the knowledge and skills provided by MEGA AIRLINES STUDIES and expand our students’ horizons to be properly prepared to work at all lengths and widths of the world».


George Galitis