This course has the approval  of HCAA (Hellenic Civil Aviation Authority) according to the European Aviation Regulations.

Mega Airline Studies offers a course for the complete training for the Cabin crews.

In addition to the IATA Aviation Cabin Crew Diploma, our Training Center recomendsto its students the acquisition of the Attestation of Safety Training Diploma.


The EASA Attestation of Safety training concerns the acquisition of proficiency according to the EASA Regulations (Part CC).

This Diploma is mandatory for your professional carriere as flight attendant.




To participate in this course, the future flight attendant has to:


  • be over 18 years of age
  • have adequate knowledge of the english language. Posession of a diploma is not necessary.
  • To know how to swimm
  • to be healthy




The course material of the EASA Attestation of Safety Training consists theoretical and practical lessons.

The theoretical lessons take place in the Mega Airline Studies premices.

The practical lessons take place in certified premises, which fullfill the preconditions of the HCAA.

The course curicula consists of the following modules.

  • Laws and Regulations for the safe Air Transport
  • Training of the participants for the responsibilities and obligations of the Cabin Crew for a safe and pleasant flight
  • Communication and Cooperation between the members of the cabin crew
  • First Aid with practical exercise by a certified physician
  • Aircraft safety
  • Theoretical and practical fire fighting drill of emergency.The practical part of the drill takes place in special certified premises and it is tutored by experienced activ firemen.
  • Theoretical and practical survival lesson on land and at sea. The practical lessons take place in a swimming pool with life-saving appliances (life jackets-slide raft).
  • Dangerous goods and safe Air transport of them.

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