Description of the adeptness

The IATA Foundation Diploma is the only degree, which connects the Airport operations with the Tourist office operations and it is recognized globaly.

The graduates can be employed either by the Airports, or by the Tourist offices, taking advantage of the contineous grouth of the Tourism in Greece.

Our graduates are fully adept to:

  • Make passenger reservations by using the electronic systems of Amadeus, Galileo, Sabre and Abacus.
  • Undertake sales in Railways transports, real estate rentals, Hotels, Cruises and specialized vacation packages.
  • Councel their customers concerning passport issuances, vaccinations and travel insurance policies.


The IATA Foundation diploma (Level 1) includes the following modules:

  • Pricing and issuance of Air tickets OW/RT/CT and special fares
  • Electronic reservations in Amadeuss, Galileo, Sabre systems.
  • Operational data of the Travel anTourism industry
  • Geography
  • Travel documents
  • Land Transport
  • Sea Transport
  • Cars and Motorhomes rentals
  • Hotel reservations
  • Vacation Packages
  • Customer service
  • Novelties in the Air and Touristic Industry.

Already a graduate? Go for more with IATA CONSULTANT DIPLOMA (LEVEL2).

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