Introduction to Safety Management Systems (SMS)

Introduction to Safety Management Systems (SMS)

This course will help individuals and organizations understand the function, role and importance of developing and implementing a Safety Management System (SMS).

What you will learn

  • Understand the basic knowledge, techniques and skills needed to develop a Safety Management System and measure its performance
  • Discover how an effective system can reduce costs
  • Learn cost-effective resource planning
  • See how safety risks are managed proactively
  • Explore how to build a positive safety culture within your organization


  • Introduction to Safety Management Systems: SMS Requirements, Safety Risk Management, Safety Assurance
  • Policy and Objectives: Safety Account-abilities, Key Safety Personnel, Emergency Response Planning
  • Risk Management: Hazard Identification, Accident and Incident Investigations, Safety Auditing, Risk Assessment and Mitigation
  • Safety Assurance: Safety Performance Monitoring and Measurement, Management of Change
  • Safety Promotion: Safety Training and Education, Safety Communication
  • Integrating Airline Management Systems
  • The regulatory authority’s role in SMS oversight
  • Implementation requirements: Gap Analysis, Provision of Resources

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