We are the sole authorized training center for Cabin Crew, Air Transport Studies and for General Touristic Branch.

We are certified from the following operators

  • The International Air Transport Association (IATA), which is the major association of more than180 Airlines globally and which provides all the relevant diplomas and cerifications for the Air Transport of passengers and cargo;
  • The Hellenic Civil Aviation Authority (HCAA)
  • The Greek National Organization for Certification of Qualifications.

We are the top selection of the students, because:

  • we have a year long experience and the acknoledgement of our educational standards in the Air Transport and in the wider Touristic Industry.
  • We provide specialized and fully targeted studies, which are acknowledged world wide.
  • We are providing our educational experience for more, than 20 years.
  • We upgrade constantly the quality of our services, by updating every year the contents of our educational programmes, according to the technological and commercial developments and the needs of the employments market.
  • We are maintaining our contacts amongst the employers (passenger and cargo agents, ground handlers and airlines) in order to offer jobs to our graduates.

Our graduates obtain the globaly ackowledged diplomas of IATA, because:

  • we are Regional Training Partner of IATA. This means, that we are officialy appointed Representatives of IATA, with the sole competence to conduct advanced seminars internationaly in managerial level. The RTP seminars are carried out in the presence of an authorized IATA trainer, who is giving specialized knowledge. The partricipants experience the top teaching methods of an IATA Training Center.
  • We are Authorized Training Center of IATA, which is an independent institute for vocational training, having the authorization of IATA, for the Aviation, Tourism and Cargo.
  • We are Authorized Training School of IATA, it means, that we are lisenced from IATA in order to teach the safe air transport of Dangerous Goods to our students, conduct the examinations and provide the registered Diplomas recognized internationaly.
  • We are also authorized fro IATA to conduct the recurrent seminars for the renewal of the Dangerous Goods diplomas, which are also issued by our School and ratified by IATA.
  • In cooperation with the Hellenic Civil Aviation Authority we offer Proficiency Attestation of Safety Training, approved also by EASA, the European Organization of Transportation and Cabin Crews.EASA is an European Union Organisation with regulating and executive tasks in the non-military security, operating fully since 2008 as a liaison of the Civil Aviation Authorities.\
  • Since 2011 IATA has started to cooperate with Harvard University for Management.
  • Mega Airline Studies due to its prestige and the contineous awarding from IATA, succeeded to be in the position to offer to its students the possibility to acquire the International IATA-HARVARD LEADERSHIP & MANAGEMENT DIPLOMA.

We plan flexible study programmes for the whole academic year

  • Annual Seminars
  • Special short duration seminars
  • Distance Learning.