Amadeus, Sabre Galileo & ForthCRS από την Mega Airlines Studies

Amadeus, Saber Galileo & Forth CRS by Mega Airlines Studies


Booking systems are an integral part of the daily activity of employees of travel agencies, airlines and airport ground handling. These companies use one or more of the booking systems – Global Distribution Systems for their operations. Through these systems flights are “closed”, tickets are issued, any changes are made, as well as hotel reservations and car rentals.

The evolution of technological means, airline and tourism companies, as well as digital programs, make learning and the correct use of systems a necessary qualification for employees and an indispensable tool for the company they represent.


So for you that you want:

✔ Give a bonus to your resume,

✔ Familiarize yourself with the digital environment of the basic booking programs, it is advisable to attend the specific programs.

Mega Airlines Studies is an Authorized Training Center to provide the training for the learning of booking systems, which upon completion leads to the acquisition of Amadeus, Saber & Galileo diplomas after examinations.

Our programs take place either in morning or afternoon classes, at regular intervals, throughout the academic year.

The Topics include the following concepts:

  • Working Environment
  • Coding/Decoding [from airlines to cities]
  • Creation & Cancellation of Booking
  • Fares & Pricing
  • Assisting Environment [Queues etc.]
  • Hotels & Cars
  • Other Provided Services

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