Mega Airlines Studies was established on June 1999 by George Galitis. Initially operated as Omega Airlines Studies and is until today the only authorized training center of IATA in Athens, providing certificates for Travel and Tourism, Aviation and Cargo.
Over the period of these years,, our training center has trained several professionals of airline industry and tourism. In addition, he has held a variety of collaborations with major Greek companies through seminars, some of which were with Airlines Companies, the Civil Aviation Authority (HCAA) and Athens International Airport (AIA).
There are three major pillars upon which we base our educational activities and functions. These are oour extended experience, high expertise and specialized curricula that we provide.
In May 2011, at the annual congress of IATA in Geneva, Mega Airlines Studies, awarded as one of the ten best IATA’s training centers in Europe. Basic criterion of this award was the quality of teaching provided and the high success rates of our students.

Also at the congress held next year in Istanbul, under the sponsorship of Turkish Airlines, Mega Airlines Studies singled, resulting award again and participation in the elite of the best training centers throughout Europe, for the year 2012.
The excellent quality of the programs offered, but also the result of our continuous effort, led IATA, this time to place us at the top, as one of the three best performing of all authorized centers-ATC, for the year 2013 (Top Perfoming ATC), at the congress, held in cooperation with Etihad Airways, the Abu Dhabi.

IATA in 2011 made an important collaboration with Harvard University in the field of Management. Our awards, was crucial sothat our students, have the possibility of direct communication and training with the esteemed university. Gain the advantage, after choosing a program of IATA, while they can enroll and gain the diploma IATA-HARVARD LEADERSHIP & MANAGEMENT DIPLOMA.
The main purpose of Mega Airlines Studies is to prepare young professionals who want to work in the aviation industry and the tourism industry. At the same time, our diplomas are addressed to those who are already working, and who with longtime work have gained a place in the world of tourism, so as to be able to further expand their knowledge in a short time through the short-course programs IATA.
Finally, it should be noted that, although Mega Airlines Studies works fully in the world of private education, diplomas offered are provided by a worldwide recognized organization.
The recognition of IATA worldwide and the large scale of the Airline-Tourism Industry assist us in involving our students in an established environment once their diploma is achieved.

Training takes place in dedicated facilities which are located in the center of Athens.