MEGA AIRLINES STUDIES offers you on an annual basis, an intensive workshop for housekeeping, a comprehensive and innovative course you can complete in 72 hours.

During the seminar, leading hotels will make special presentations. The section will start in November 2016 and end in February 2017 and attendants will receive a verification from our School.


The intense housekeeping seminar includes the following topics:

  • Floors management
  • Contemporary hotel rooms
  • Room cleaning
  • Special cleaning
  • Handling linen
  • Laundry procedures
  • Industrial hotel laundries
  • Planning and organization of floor department
  • Expense Control
  • Staff appearance
  • Employees training
  • Part time staff
  • Leadership and hotel management
  • Glossary
  • Quality control of hotel review websites
  • Disinfection – Pest
  • Recycling materials hotel
  • Flower decorations
  • Hotel Special categories

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