IATA / UFTAA Consultant (LEVEL2)


All IATA Foundation Diploma graduates or tourism professionals are offered by MEGA AIRLINES STUDIES the chance to further develop and upgrade their knowledges with IATA Consultant Diploma (LEVEL2).



The main benefits for pursuing the IATA Consultant Diploma, whether you are an experienced professional in issuing air tickets or you already obtained the IATA Foundation Diploma, are:

  • You will upgrade your managerial skills regarding your career in aviation or tourism
  • You will be at a position to offer valuable advice to your customers
  • You will be able to calculate complex fares according to the IATA rules, reissue tickets and all documents for international travel
  • You may proceed with a teaching career as an instructor


The Consultant Diploma consists of the following modules:

  • Pricing and issuing airline tickets OW / RT / CT / RW / OJ / special fares
  • Combining fares – restrictions on non-stop routes
  • Mixed class itineraries
  • Taxes
  • Reissuing ticket
  • Travel Geography
  • Travel Documents
  • Terrestrial transportation
  • Marine Transport |cruise ships
  • Specialized Tour Packages
  • Private Charter flights
  • Law and Regulation
  • Sales development

Contact us regarding the CONSULTANT DIPLOMA (LEVEL2) and proceed a promising career in tourism or travel industry.